Welcome to V. Brother Industry

We are the complete provider of industrial coating whose goal is to improve new R&D, including innovate new technology, for greater productivity and better quality for our customers, domestically and internationally.


About Us

With more than 30 years of experience, VBI is the expert in industrial coating. We offer an extensive range of custom industrial coating for various industries to meet your specific requirements. Our products include plastic coating, steel coating, wood stain and automotive refinishing, the latest product by VBI.

Certified by ISO14001, VBI guarantees to deliver high quality service with customer’s satisfaction. Our factory is equipped with the industries’ most advanced technology machines together with qualified and highly experienced personnel who overseas all the production. To maintain our reputation, our QC system tests each product before they are delivered to our satisfied customer.

With excellence in quality and service, VBI is selected and trusted by many well-known companies in different fields such as automotive, consumer electronics, toys industry etc.